Daemon Academy – Book Review

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Long time no post. Here’s a review for you. 🙂

I came across Danielle Rose on Facebook because she was having a release party for her third book in her Blood War trilogy. I’ve been trying to catch up on her work since. I just finished the first book in the Blood War series, but I wanted to review her short story – Daemon Academy first.

Learn more about Danielle Rose: www.Danielle-Rose.com

Daemon Academy
Danielle Rose
A Horror Short Story

Synopsis (taken directly from Amazon): “Kemper Academy is over a hundred years old, but it has only recently reopened after a series of murders and stories of hauntings shut it down. Avlynn, a new student, refuses to let the rumors scare her, chalking them up to a bit of friendly freshman hazing. But when night falls and screams draw her from her room, she finds the truth is much more horrifying than any ghost story.”

I don’t generally read short stories. Not because I find fault with them, they just aren’t the first thing I grab at. That being said, this short story was FANTASTIC. Call me a wimp, but I was on the edge of my seat the entire time I read this.

Supposedly, the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead is at its thinnest on Halloween.

It is short (I believe 14 pages), but Danielle Rose is able to develop characters, develop setting, and move the plot along in those 14 pages. Side note: I also love the name Avlynn. It’s just so unique. Anyway, back to the review. The plot is not predictable in the least, although I did try to guess what was happening. I was way off. My favorite thing is it’s a horror that doesn’t depend on gore to get the point across. It’s part of the reason horror movies disappoint me so often. I don’t equate gore with being scared – I equate it with feeling sick! This short story scares the pants off you without making feel queasy. I think this is definitely worth a read! It’s available on Kindle. Check it out. 🙂



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