Hell House LLC – Movie Review

Hi everyone,

Sometimes, I get on a horror movie kick, especially when I’m stuck home, sick (like I was last week). The reviews on this movie were pretty good, so I decided to give it a go.

Per usual, I won’t intentionally spoil anything but you should see the movie before reading this review.


Five years after 15 people were killed during a haunted house tour, a documentary crew visits the scene to investigate what really happened.


Hell House LLC opens with no title credits, just footage from the incident and an on-screen message letting you know what you’re about to witness is a documentary on the strange events surrounding a 2009 haunted house tragedy.

The documentary starts off with pretty believable interviews with investigators, a survivor, a former Hell House LLC worker, and of course, footage of the actual House footage.

Chronologically, the film takes us through the events leading up to the tragedy that resulted in multiple injuries and fatalities on the opening night of Hell House LLC.

In the beginning stages of the film we are introduced to Alex, the owner of Hell House LLC, which is a travelling haunted house whivh travels throughout rural New York, setting up in a new location each Halloween. This time, he chooses an abandoned hotel in Abaddon, NY.

In true found footage style, Alex insists everything be filmed leading up to opening night.

The six weeks of footage covers the crew arriving at the abandoned hotel, setting up, trouble shooting, hiring of temporary actors and the opening night itself.

This is how we meet the other members of the crew: Paul and Tony, who do most of the filming as well as setting up many of the attractions; as well as, Sara, Alex’s girlfriend, and the only surviving crew member of the incident. She provides the footage to the documentary crew.

The crew live in the hotel during the six weeks of preparation, making it easier to work and film.

Of course, this is where the crazy begins and I don’t want to give too much away, so I won’t spoil the scares. Hell House LLC does an excellent job in the scary category. It jumps right in and wastes no time letting the viewers know, this hotel is no joke. I had my hands over my eyes quite a few times.

The actual footage of opening night is disturbing, and not in a gore fest type of way, which I am so glad. The found footage style works so well for this film, keeping the atmosphere claustrophobic. The hallways are tight, the scares aren’t fake, and escape is nearly impossible for many people.

The movie did a fantastic job of showing you just enough to scare the crap out of you, but pulling away at the right time to make it worse. The chaos of the night is shown perfectly through each shot. It was a good reminder to me of why I don’t do haunted houses.

Of course, there were some flaws. Per usual with found footage, some of the acting during the not so scary scenes were sub par at best; but when the action started, I was thoroughly impressed.


4/5 ☆

This was a definite scare in my opinion. If you’re looking for a wild ride, I suggest this one.

Let me know what you thought in the comments below.

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