Spiderweb – A Poem

Hey there! I hope your weekend has been going well. I haven’t been feeling well this week, so I’ve just been resting and trying to work on Alter Reach. I wanted to share another poem. This one has a kind of Halloween theme. Enjoy. 😊


The spider sees its prey,
a tired little butterfly
needing rest and comfort.
He hides in the shadows,
awaiting her arrival.

She lands in his web,
unaware of the danger.
The spider emerges,
welcoming with open arms,
whispering sweet lies.

He says, “Rest now my love,
in the morning you will be
rested and ready to fly.”
She drifts into a slumber,
she’ll never wake from again.

The threads tie and bind,
his prey dies tonight,
in sweet silence.


Twitter: @jessica_rachow
Instagram: @jessica_rachow
Facebook: @authorjessicarachow


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