Alter Reach Character Profile: Braston

Hi everyone!

Happy Thursday. One step closer to Friday! My week has been flying by. I think I’ve had plans every night, which is abnormal for me.

I like doing these character profiles, so I’m doing another one. I’m really excited to introduce you to my absolute favorite character (don’t tell the others), Braston.

Name: Braston

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown. Best guess, early twenties, but he doesn’t age.

Background: Braston is a Parvus – a small, fairy-like creature that inhabits Alter Reach. He was out-casted by the Parvus community because of his curiosity. Parvus pride themselves on sticking to their own kind, living simple, non-adventurous lives. Braston has always been different, and when an opportunity arises for him to leave Alter Reach on an adventure, his small community banished him.

Appearance: Small, light as a feather. Brown, messy hair. Curious brown eyes.

Family: His family banished him. Faelyn is his family.

Friends: Faelyn is his best friend, although he likes every one else in the group.

Romance: It’s not something most Parvus think about, but Braston is not like most Parvus.

Introvert or extrovert? Extrovert.

Strengths: Curiousity, Adventerous, Loyal

Weaknesses: Braston is a bit naive. He thinks the best of people and often gets himself in trouble because of it.

Goals/dreams/aspirations: To live an adventerous life, but also gain back his communities trust.

Fears: Never seeing the Parvus community again.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Braston a bit more. I can’t wait to introduce you to more characters. Have a great Thursday!

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