Jessica’s Early Writing (1)

Hi everyone!

Unfortunately, it’s Monday. I hope you had a great weekend. A couple weeks ago, I went to my dad’s house to help him clean out some stuff in his basement and I came across some really old journals and school projects. I thought it would be fun to share some of it with you guys. I have a few different things to share, so I will try to post something different once a week until I run out. This journal is from 1997. Enjoy 😊

I’m sad to say, my drawing skills have not improved.

I really enjoyed writing about my cats and dog.

I liked math and gym. That changed, haha.

This picture is an accurate representation of me roller skating. (Note: the stick figure that fell on her back.)

I still think the library is “nete.”

I laughed so hard reading this one.

These last two were together. I loved writing stories.

I hope you find this entertaining. I had a lot of fun going through stuff and I’m looking forward to sharing more. If you’ve ever shared old writing or school assignments, let me know. I hope your Monday flies by. 😊


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8 thoughts on “Jessica’s Early Writing (1)

  1. These are so sweet! We found a note our daughter wrote to us when she was in first grade. She is 23 now and entering medical school so all the misspelled words and strange grammar choices are just adorable. These are fun treasures and it is great your dad kept them.

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