Jessica’s Early Writing (3)

HI everyone!

It’s Monday…ugh. Here’s hoping the week flies by! Another fun post for today – early writing from 1996/97. Enjoy 😊

“I would like to ride bikes just like my cousins.” …my drawing skills were on point. 😂

“I love my mommy and daddy because they are very special. They are always there for me. They take me places.” …dawww.

“At bedtime, my mommy and daddy read a bedtime story.”

“I wish that it was Christmas time.”

“I will always love my cat, Purdy, and my car, Katie, and my dog, Thunder, even if they scratch.”

I’m really enjoying reading these old journals. I hope you’re enjoying these posts as well. I hope you have a great day!


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8 thoughts on “Jessica’s Early Writing (3)

    1. My parents kept a TON of stuff in the basement. My Dad asked me to come over a couple weeks ago and go through it. It’s been a lot of fun reading through it! 🙂

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