Not Alone – A Poem

Hi everyone!

Happy Saturday. Late post for me, but it’s been a busy weekend. I hope yours has been relaxing!

The poems I’ve shared with you so far were written over the years. I haven’t written anything new in a very long time. Part of my new year’s resolution was to write more poetry. I’ll admit, I’m really rusty, but I’m pretty happy with what I’m sharing today. Enjoy this NEW poem 😊

Not Alone

I stood at the end of the bridge,
until the heat of the flame licked my face.
I watched as the memories turned white,
crumbling to ashes as they blew away.

As the light perforated the darkness,
mercy called me from the edge of my rope.
I’m tired, but I’m alive with eyes wide open,
breathe in deep, the truth, I’m not alone.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

I hope you enjoy your the rest of your weekend and Monday doesn’t come too quickly. 😁


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