Alter Reach Character Profile: Astrid

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Happy Sunday! Hubby and I took tomorrow off because we celebrated all the birthdays and anniversaries on his side of the family this weekend and wanted to take a day of rest.

Today I wanted to introduce another baddie from Alter Reach, Astrid.

Name: Astrid

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Background: Before Zeke turned into a monster and all hell broke lose in Alter Reach, Astrid was causing her own trouble. She is insane, and has been using her powers to get what she wants for years. She had been jailed for murder and was awaiting her sentence when Zeke lost his mind. He freed her and put her to work for him, using her lack of emotions to his benefit.

Appearance: Unruly, curly auburn hair, dark skin, menacing, hazel eyes.

Family: Astrid has only spoken about her past briefly, and all she has to say about her family is that they are “gone.”

Friends: Astrid hangs around Zeke and his group, but she wouldn’t consider them friends. She has no emotions. She has shut them off completely, and with that comes a lack or remorse and mercy.

Romance: Again, with her lack of emotions, she has little interest in romantic endeavours. However, Pierce (who you will meet soon) has managed to gain her trust on a small level, so she seems to gravitate to him.

Introvert or extrovert? Introvert. She is not outspoken at all, and offers few words.

Strengths: Her lack of remorse makes her very strong, and very dangerous. She fears nothing. She is also smart, with an ability to wield power, even Eloise isn’t familiar with.

Weaknesses: Astrid is insane and unpredictable, which puts Zeke in a difficult position. His plans have been ruined on a few occasions because Astrid decided to go rogue.

Goals/dreams/aspirations: To survive, but really, even that doesn’t matter to her.

Fears: Nothing. Normally, I would say a character has some fear, hidden deep within them, but Astrid does not. She doesn’t fear death, loss or anything else.

Let me know what you think about Astrid in the comments below. Also, let me know how your weekend has been.

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