My Chronic Pain Journey: I’m Coming Home

Hi everyone!

Well, my Mayo Clinic journey has come to an end. They did find a few things that could be contributing to my pain, but it’s still a guess. I’m choosing to stay positive though. These are the findings:

Vitamin D deficiency – solution is Vitamin D supplements.

Anemic – solution is Iron supplements.

Anxiety & Depression – solution is to continue with therapy.

Left inner ear is significantly weaker than right inner ear, which is causing my dizzy/nausea spells – solution is occupational therapy.

So, other than the mental stuff which I knew about, they found more out here than they did back in NY. I’m glad I came.

Not only did I get some answers, but I’m also really proud of myself. I flew out here, by myself and went to these appointments by myself. This was a pretty big adventure for me, and I didn’t back out. I’ll take that as another win.

I hope your Halloween was fun! I should be getting back to normal with interacting on here soon. My flight home is Saturday morning.


12 thoughts on “My Chronic Pain Journey: I’m Coming Home

  1. I’m so glad it went well and they picked up on a few more things. Vitamin D is huge! That was one of my big ones. Have you ever read any of Anthony William’s books? He has helped me so much. Maybe there could be something to help. Wishing you well, friend. Take care! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ xoxo

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