Name Change Announcement!

Hi everyone!

I made an announcement that I would be changing my name, and I wanted to let you guys know that all of the changes have been made. These are all of my updated links, but you do not need to re-follow. The accounts stayed the same, the name just changed. (However, will not work anymore). Thanks for all the support!!

WordPress Link:
Twitter: @jessicaxbelmont
Instagram: @authorjessicabelmont
Facebook: @authorjessicabelmont

The name change has also been made on my Patreon, Goodreads, Etsy, and Pinterest accounts, as well as my personal Facebook page.



5 thoughts on “Name Change Announcement!

      1. If you wanted to tell us all why, you would have, so whatever the reason we’re right here with you. ❤

        Note the name you reply with is still the old one so check your settings on WordPress.
        X H

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      2. Thank you!! I knew there was one more spot I missed! It’s such a pain to change things. I appreciate your support ❤❤

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