My Chronic Pain Journey | Quick Update #2

Okay, I was going to wait, but I wanted to post this now because I have a ton of posts schedule for tomorrow.

The doctor did bloodwork, but he said he’s going to start treating me because I have all the classic Lyme disease symptoms plus some. He said that negative tests don’t necessarily mean you don’t have Lyme, because the tests are not super accurate. Better to start treating based on symptoms.

I’m on two antibiotics. The first antibiotic treats Lyme Disease plus three co-infections. Forgive me, I’m not 100% sure on the names (I can’t read his handwriting 😂). The other treats another co-infection that causes night and day sweats, which I struggle with.

He’s doing a phone consultation with me in a month so I dont have to drive 6 hours again, just to follow up. He’ll see how I’m feeling, and we will go from there.

This is the first doctor who hasn’t abandoned me after one visit. I’m so thankful. I think I have a battle ahead of me, but at least it’s something to hope for. ❤


8 thoughts on “My Chronic Pain Journey | Quick Update #2

  1. Don’t worry, the antibiotics should help to kill the remaining bacteria.. Since you are on high dose antibiotics, counter the side effects of it with natural organic raw fruits and vegetables.

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