PUBLICATION DAY PUSH | Birth Of The Mortokai – D.G. Palmer

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It’s publication day for Birth Of The Mortokai by D.G. Palmer! This publication day push is hosted by Rachel’s Random Resources. Check out my review and let me know what you think in the comments!

Daniel Welsh was born different—and to Daniel, to be different means to be alone. But what if he’s wrong?

Born an albino with a photographic memory, Daniel Welsh never expected to fit in. Yet, when he is approached by Trinity—a young girl who definitely isn’t human—she reveals a whole new world where he might just belong. Ariest is a place where his features aren’t a disability or the mark of a freak, but rather a trait of powerful mages born of human-faerie unions. His father is a renowned war hero and swordsman, his mother is a human doctor, and that makes him a powerful mage that’ll tip the scales. Magic is real—and so is the threat it brings.

Trinity and her father, a battle mage, aren’t the only ones to have discovered Daniel and his gifts hidden in the human realm.

The Shade have awakened.

Enemies to the fae realm long thought dead have been lying in wait for their moment to strike. Young mages like Daniel are the perfect morsel for their starving appetites and they start their killing spree without delay with the nearest unsuspecting mage boy. Daniel cannot sit idly by while monsters take innocent lives, so he will embrace a destiny he is only just beginning to understand… even if it means losing a life that’s finally worth living.

Birth of the Mortokai is a young adult coming of age fantasy adventure novel. Trigger warning: this novel contains descriptions of albinism, a real genetic disorder that affects 1/17,000 persons worldwide per year.

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Birth of the Mortokai is a brilliant YA Fantasy with a unique perspective. I don’t think I knew much about albinism before this, and I loved being educated while reading a wonderfully magical novel!

I love the characters. Daniel is a fantastic lead. This is a coming of age story, so it’s amazing to watch Daniel progress as he learns about this new life. He goes from not really belonging, to belonging and thriving. He’s very courageous and a well-rounded character.

I absolutely love the world-buliding and the action. D.G. Palmer created a beautifully, vivid world and a plot that kept me glued to the book! The story is fast-paced, imaginative and magical.

I highly recommend checking out Birth of the Mortokai. While there are some things that just magically (and conveniently) happen, the novel is super flushed out with fantastic characters and an addictive narrative.



Currently residing in London, England, D.G. Palmer writes in the Spec Fiction genre, using his imagination to create vivid worlds and captivating characters.

An avid reader and player of video games, in the past, he was part of table top roleplaying groups where he nurtured his storytelling by penning several story arcs.

Feel free to follow him on Facebook, Goodreads and Instagram. If you wish to receive updates about his latest books, event dates and other exclusive news, sign up to The World of D.G. Palmer and enter his mind. He warns it can be a mess sometimes, so make sure you wipe your feet on the way out – you never know what you might take with you.

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