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Hi everyone!

I’m super excited to be reviewing Armor of Alethia by Ralene Burke! Check out my review and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Special thanks to Prism Book Tours for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

The death of her king changes Karina’s life forever. Fleeing the royal house, she must leave her life behind to seek out the Armor of the Creator—to save the very people who now hunt her.

Faramos, the evil warlock waiting to unleash hell, knows the Creator has already chosen his warrior, so he sends his bounty hunter to retrieve her. After Tristan abducts her, he witnesses Karina’s gentle nature and strong independence, and he finds he can’t complete his assignment.

Together, they set out to retrieve the armor and defeat the hordes of creatures sent to destroy them. But is Tristan’s heart secure as he faces certain death for defending the queen? And will Karina have the courage to become all the Creator intends her to be? Failure will condemn the world to eternal darkness.



Armor of Aletheia is a beautiful, epic Christian Fantasy that I am absolutely in love with. Ralene Burke has penned a novel that I am still thinking about after I put it down. I had a feeling this would be a good novel, however, it was an amazing novel. Everything I wanted this to be and more.

Karina is a fantastic main character. Her growth and strength is captivating to watch. Her faith is woven into the story, which is wonderful to read. The Creator and God are very parallel, and I love when this happens. One of my favorite genres is Christian fantasy, because it is clean and more often than not, even more epic than other fantasy novels. This is the case with Armor of Aletheia!

I’m having trouble putting into words how much this novel moved me and how excited I am to read the next book. I am eagerly awaiting to read more of Karina’s story. I highly recommend checking this one out!



On the day I was born, the doctor’s told my parents I probably wouldn’t live. I had a large tumor in my neck, and it was growing by the hour. When they finally removed this man-fist-sized tumor, the experts said I would be mentally and physically handicapped for the rest of my life, unable to care for myself.

Boy, did we prove them wrong!

Today, I not only take care of myself, I balance a husband, 3 kids, a career, and homeschooling. Granted, there’s often plenty of dirty dishes in the sink and toys on the floor, but who cares? I’m wrangling Spiderman, teaching princesses to sing, and pursuing my passions—what’s better than that?

I became a Christian when I was young. The miracle surrounding my survival pretty much sealed the deal. And, except for a few rebellious years, I’ve spent my life pursuing His calling—to change lives with the written word.

This calling started out in fiction novels, where I spin fast-paced tales of angels and demons, fantasy worlds, and the broader calling of every human being.

But the passion didn’t stop there!

The deeper I delved into the publishing world, the more I realized that I loved critiquing and editing—and I was pretty good at it. So, I took some classes, joined a couple of organizations, and committed part of my career to making other writers’ work SHINE!

Finally, there was only one natural outlet for my addiction to social media—get paid for it! So, I’ve been studying up on the various platforms and the mental marketing tactics in an effort to help other writers and publishing-related organizations grow their social media platforms. It’s a lot of fun.

So, join me on this crazy journey we call life, business, and the pursuit of happiness! Don’t be afraid to ask questions, weigh in with your opinions, or share your knowledge. I love hearing from people! (There’s a lot of love, as you can see.)

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    1. Thank you! Haha, you have tour organizers you’re working with that I’ve been tempted to contact but I have to hold myself back 😂


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