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Welcome to the blog tour for The Silence of Severance by Wes Markin. Thank you to Caroline Vincent/Bits About Books for my spot on this tour!

Your wedding day should be the most unforgettable day of your life. And this is one wedding that will never be forgotten.

When a police officer’s wedding day ends in brutality and chaos, DCI Michael Yorke is pulled away from his own wedding and into the bloodiest chain of events Wiltshire has ever seen.

As a heatwave tightens its grip on Salisbury, Yorke and his team face a race against time to find the most sinister and intelligent adversary they have ever faced. Christian Severance. But as the team chase Severance into the shadows of a dark past, Yorke’s own history starts to drag itself into the present. 

Can they stop Christian Severance before he achieves the unthinkable? And will Yorke survive the revelations that claw at him from the darkness?

The DCI Yorke Series: 


HOLY WOW, this book just blew my mind and I really want everyone to go read it right now! From page one it was as if the book had arms that reached out and pulled me into the novel. This had all the heart-pumping, adrenaline rush, scenes you want in a novel like this and it is brilliantly written.

I really felt as if I was watching a movie. The scenes had me on the edge of my seat as the puzzle was unveiled and the twists just kept coming. Wes Markin’s ability to make everything seem unrelated in the beginning and brilliantly ties it all together with a bow in the end.

Tension, suspense, thrills – it doesn’t get any better than this, folks. The Silence of Severance has everything I look for in a novel like this! The writing captivated me, the twists kept me engaged, and the characters kept my emotions on a rollercoaster.

This is a book you don’t want to miss. I could keep going but then I would be taking up your reading time. Go get this book and be in awe like I am! The Silence of Severance is definitely in the running for my favorite novel of the year!



Wes Markin is a hyperactive English teacher, who loves writing crime fiction with a twist of the macabre. 

Having finished the third instalment in the DCI Yorke series, ‘The Silence of Severance’, Wes is now working on the fourth instalment of DCI Yorke’s wild ride. He is also the author of ‘Defined,’ a prequel to his DCI Yorke novels, which takes the reader back to his blood-soaked university days.

Born in 1978, Wes grew up in Manchester, UK. After graduating from Leeds University, he spent fifteen years as a teacher of English, and has taught in Thailand, Malaysia and China. Now as a teacher, writer, husband and father, he is currently living in Harrogate, UK.

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Caroline Vincent/Bits About Books

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