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Welcome to the blog tour for Hope by Terry Tyler. Check out my review and don’t forget to enter the giveaway! Thanks to R&R Book Tours for my spot on the tour!

Publication Date: May 24, 2019
Genre: Dystopian/ Psychological Thriller

Terry Tyler’s nineteenth published work is a psychological thriller set in a dystopian near future – the UK, Year 2028.

Blogger Lita Stone and journalist Nick Freer live and work online, seeing life through soundbites, news TV and social media. Keeping the outside world at bay in their cozy flat, they observe the ruthless activities of the new PM and his celebrity fitness guru wife, Mona (hashtag MoMo), with the mild outrage that can be quelled simply by writing another blog post.

Meanwhile, in the outside world, multinational conglomerate Nutricorp is busy buying up supermarket chains, controlling the media, and financing the new compounds for the homeless: the Hope Villages.

Lita and Nick suspect little of the danger that awaits the unfortunate, until the outside world catches up with them – and Lita is forced to discover a strength she never knew she possessed.

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Hope is a 5 star read for me. It’s also definitely in the running for my favorite book of the world. It’s this terrifying and compelling look at a dystopian world that could actually happen. Terry Tyler took a different road in the dystopian genre and I really respect her for that.

What is scary is that this could be our future. Terry Tyler got into my head and made me think about all these scenarios that could happen. The realism of the story was ever present and I was constantly paranoid that I was reading a prediction of the future!

I love the characters! Lita is a fabulous lead, and I absolutely loved being with her through this roller coaster of emotions. These characters feel like real people, which is another element that adds to the creep factor of this book!

I highly, highly recommend checking this book out! I absolutely loved it and I think you will too! Check it out!



The ever-smiling Bex leads me into the registration room, and I have my fingerprints taken and a sample of my DNA, for their records, they say.  Then there’s the bag search and full body scan to prove I don’t have an AK-47 or a kilo of smack stuffed down my knickers. I’m given an identity card to present at my medical later in the week, and am asked basic questions to be enlarged upon at my reception interview tomorrow, such as whether I have any food allergies.

“Actual allergies,” says the bored Duncan in the green polo shirt.  He looks about seventeen. “Like, not just preferences.”

I say that I don’t have any allergies but don’t eat meat and avoid dairy when possible, and he tells me there will be vegetarian options available at all meals, but non-dairy?  Forget it.

Once Kendall has been processed, smiling Bex beckons a Duncan to take Nick away, then leads Kendall and me to the dorms.  

Fucking hell.  Fucking hell times thirty.  The female dorm is vast, like a warehouse with rows and rows of bunk beds.  Each has a locker underneath for personal property. Good thing we’ve hardly brought anything with us; there’s scarcely room for our clothes and toiletries.  Kendall and I are shown to a spare one in the middle of the room.

“Sheets are changed once a week; you strip your bed each Monday morning, and remake it yourself with the clean linen provided.”

It’s after five in the afternoon and many bunks are occupied; women lie down, scrolling through their phones or watching stuff on tablets, with earphones in.

A few read paperbacks or those horrible cheapo magazines with titles like True Chav Drama and Incestuous Scumbags Weekly that contain articles about girls who’ve had babies by their ex-con grandfathers.

Others chat.

A few smile and nod at us.

Many just lie, staring at the ceiling or the bunk above.

They all look depressed.  Like they’ve given up.

Terry Tyler is the author of nineteen books available from Amazon, the latest being ‘Hope’, a dystopian, psychological drama set in the UK, a decade into the future. She is currently at work on ‘Blackthorn’, a post-apocalyptic stand-alone story set in her fictional city of the same name. Proud to be independently published, Terry is an avid reader and book reviewer, and a member of Rosie Amber’s Book Review Team.

Terry is a Walking Dead addict, and has a great interest in history (particularly 14th-17th century), and sociological/cultural/anthropological stuff, generally. She loves South Park, Netflix, autumn and winter, and going for long walks in quiet places where there are lots of trees. She lives in the north east of England with her husband.

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  1. Jessica! What a fabulous review to see as soon as I log on – thank you SO much, and for taking a spot on the blog tour. Massively appreciated, and I’m delighted you liked the book so much! x

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