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Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for The Love Detective: Next Level by Angela Dyson! Thank you to Random Things Tours for my spot on the tour. Check out my review and let me know what you think in the comments.

On the heels of her successful debut, The Love Detective (9781789010282) comes more misadventures and murder with Clarry Pennhaligan and her creator, author Angela Dyson. 

Note to self: Do not screw this up. When Clarry Pennhaligan, rookie private detective and unlikely heroine, takes on her second case, she is determined to master the art of smart. All she has been asked to do is to infiltrate a group of women who share a rather unusual way of spending their spare time. Shouldn’t be too demanding, she thinks, nothing to it. But, after her first clumsy steps reveal secrets that may best be kept hidden, her investigation gains momentum and events take a bizarre and sinister turn. Out of her depth and working above her paygrade, Clarry soon faces a very real danger. Things just got Next Level. 

“The role of amateur detective has always appealed to me,” Angela Dyson explains. “The artless inexperienced meddler asking questions, stirring things up and getting in to a whole heap of trouble. But I’d never be brave enough to do it myself.” 

Apart from the twists and turns of her crime caper, Angela has made sure to include some important messages to young and old. As she explains, “Twenty-six year old, Clarry Pennhaligan, is a modern heroine. She’s a generously proportioned size 14. She’s Body Positive and reflects the New Activism: Accept yourself …just as you are. Accept others…..just as they are.” 

And then there’s her side-kick, the glamorous septuagenarian Flan. “I love Flan! She’s gloriously outspoken, and with a huge appetite for life. The inter-generational aspect of the novel sends a powerful message: We can do anything we want, no matter what our age.” 

RELEASE DATE: 28 September 2019 
ISBN: 9781838590574 Price: £9.99 
press Matador® 
Angela Dyson returns with another hilarious, heart-warming and hijinks-packed mystery.
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The Love Detective: Next Level was an immensely enjoyable book. It was funny and quickly paced, which made it a very enjoyable read.

This is the second in the series, but was easily read as a standalone. This was a new case and a new love interest, and Angela Dyson was able to make me love Clarry. She is a fantastic main character. I related to her very much. She was confident, yet she had her insecurities.

This story is a bit cozy chick-lit but also a mystery that kept me on the edge of my seat. There were many twists and turns along the way and I loved it!

I enjoyed this novel. I’m definitely recommending it.



Born out of a need for escapism I create characters and scenarios that I hope will both lift the spirits of my readers and encourage them to follow their own dreams.

I’m delighted to report my debut novel, The Love Detective, has been wonderfully well received with readers regularly emailing me to tell me how gripped and entertained they were by the host of strong, vibrant female characters.

Although I have always loved to write, to pay my bills (I soon discovered that utility companies, bank managers and landlords aren’t known for their generosity and understanding natures,) I had to squeeze it in with working for a living. Some of the jobs to which I only gave half my attention include working for a recording studio and a record label, running a building maintenance company where pretty much the only upside was getting to boss a lot of men about all day, doing a bit of plus size modelling (strictly clothes on) and, for one memorable summer, making a living reading palms on a Greek Island.

Thankfully, I am now able to spend much more of my time engaging in my true passion – writing.

I am currently on a book tour around the UK – AND working on book two; The Love Detective: Next Level, which will be released in September 2019!

Do take a look at my website for exclusive offers, news and competitions.

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