#BOOKREVIEW | Weekend Rockstars 2: The Ballad Of Fat Labrador – Dave Holwill @daveholwill

Hi everyone!

I’m really excited to be reviewing Dave Holwill‘s new novel, Weekend Rockstars 2: The Ballad Of Fat Labrador! Release day is the 14th, so check this review out and make sure to pre order!

It’s been a blissful ten years since George put down his bass, left the Artful Badgers and vowed never to play in public again. But when tragedy strikes his best friend he’ll do anything to help.

Unfortunately that means going back out on the road, and this time he’s taking his daughter with him.

Alice has realised she wants more from her best friend than she is prepared to give and the band they have spent so long building up may not survive the fallout.

Luckily her dad has the perfect plan to take her mind off of it.

It might feel more like a support group than a band, but if George can’t keep it under control then it could destroy his best friend’s life, his daughter’s happiness and what’s left of his own sanity.

Join George, Alice, Tim and a whole host of familiar faces as George is dragged back into a world to which he hoped he’d never have to return.



The Ballad of Fat Labrador is a charming, witty, and comical novel with a lot of heart. I did not read the first Weekend Rockstars novel, but that wasn’t an issue. This worked perfectly fine as a standalone.

I think the strength in this novel lies with the characters. Particularly, George and Alice, but the supporting characters too. The dialogue is engaging and witty. The circumstances the characters find themselves in and the way they react feels authentic. The well-developed characters drive this plot forward and I appreciated that.

I love the feel fo Dave Holwill’s writing. There is a warmth and charm that brings out all the things a reader wants in a novel like this. The plot is fun and the writing is just perfect for this style.

Overall, I’m impressed with The Ballad of Fat Labrador. After reading some more heavy novels, this was the kind of read I needed to recharge. I love the heart in this novel and this was an easy five stars to give. Highly recommended!



Dave Holwill published his first book, Weekend Rockstars: a romantic comedy loosely based on 25 years as a gigging musician, in 2016. He followed this up with dark comedies The Craft Room and Gap Years before bringing out the sequel to Weekend Rockstars, The Ballad Of Fat Labrador, in 2020. He lives in Devon with his wife and a not inconsiderable number of pets.

Let me know what you think in the comments. I’d love to interact with you. If this sounds like something you would read, let me know!

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