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Hi everyone!

Today is the NEW cover reveal for Gilli Allan’s Buried Treasure! I’m also reposting my review for you to check out.

I found Buried Treasure a compelling read. It was so many things: a love story, a hunt for clues to lost secrets, and a fascinating look at how our past experiences shape us, and how we can heal even after damage. The characters were wonderfully well drawn.

Jane thinks he sees her as shallow and ill-educated. Theo thinks she sees him as a snob, stuffy and out of touch.

Within the ancient precincts of the university the first encounter between the conference planner and the academic is accidental and unpromising. Just as well there’s no reason for them ever to meet again. But behind the armour they’ve each constructed from old scars, they’ve more in common than divides them. Both have an archaeological puzzle they are driven to solve. As their stories intertwine, their quest to uncover the past unearths more than expected.


Find Gilli’s other books TORN, LIFE CLASS and FLY or FALL at






I love it!! Let me know what you think in the comments.


This is my first read by Gilli Allan and it most certainly won’t be my last. I love the mix of romance, politics and historical mystery happening in Buried Treasure.

Gilli Allan has created really impactful characters. Jane and Theo have their pasts, which are rather dark, making them damaged in the earlier parts of the story. I loved watching their stories unfold and their characters growing and coming to terms with their pasts. It was really well written.

I loved the mystery. Gilli Allan plants seeds throughout the story and satisfied my curiosity with the resolution. I had trouble putting this one down because there was such fantastic writing and it created a sense of intrigue. I was very impressed.

Wonderful writing, intriguing plot, and an unexpected love story, Gilli Allan has created a great gem of a novel that I recommend checking out!



Gilli Allan began to write in childhood – a hobby pursued throughout her teenage. Writing was only abandoned when she left home, and real life supplanted the imaginary kind.

After a few false starts she worked longest and most happily as an illustrator in advertising and only began writing again when she became a mother.

Living in Gloucestershire with her husband Geoff, Gilli is still a keen artist. She draws and paints and has now moved into book illustration.

All of her recent books TORN, LIFE CLASS, FLY or FALL and BURIED TREASURE have gained ‘Chill with a Book’ awards.

Following in the family tradition, her son, historian Thomas Williams, is now also a writer.


Thanks to Gilli Allan for inviting me to help reveal the cover!

Let me know what you think in the comments. I’d love to interact with you. If this sounds like something you would read, let me know!

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  1. As ever, Jessica, thank you so much for pitching in and re-posting your wonderful review. I very much appreciate your continued support. Gillix

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