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Tuyo by Rachel Neumeier
Published: May 22, 2020
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Age Group: Adult
Pages: 660

Raised a warrior in the harsh winter country, Ryo inGara has always been willing to die for his family and his tribe. When war erupts against the summer country, the prospect of death in battle seems imminent. But when his warleader leaves Ryo as a sacrifice — a tuyo — to die at the hands of their enemies, he faces a fate he never imagined.

Ryo’s captor, a lord of the summer country, may be an enemy . . . but far worse enemies are moving, with the current war nothing but the opening moves in a hidden game Ryo barely glimpses, a game in which all his people may be merely pawns. Suddenly Ryo finds his convictions overturned and his loyalties uncertain. Should he support the man who holds him prisoner, the only man who may be able to defeat their greater enemy? And even if he does, can he persuade his people to do the same?

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The world building here is just awe-inspiring. Rachel Neumeier spent a lot of time coming up with diverse areas that were so uniquely different and very close to each other. What this allowed for was interesting character interaction.

I am a big fan of fantasy because of the magic. The magic system in Tuyo is very unique. I enjoyed the idea that there were downsides/difficulties within the magic as to not make characters all powerful.

I really enjoyed Tuyo. I think it is one of my favorite fantasies I’ve read this year. Easy 5 stars.



*I received a free copy of this book from Storytellers On Tour in exchange for an honest review on the blog tour. All opinions are my own and unbiased.*

Rachel Neumeier earned a master’s degree in ecology before deciding she preferred writing fiction to doing research. She now lives in southern Missouri, dividing her time between writing, reading, and gardening, always assisted in all three activities by a lot of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. She has been writing young adult and adult fantasy for twelve years. This is her sixteenth book.


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