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Hi everyone!

I’ve always wanted to talk more about my health (physical and mental), but this blog became a book blog, so quickly, that I know I don’t have time to post that here.

So, I have launched a brand new blog: Script of Hope. I will be posting every Wednesday. This isn’t a medical advice blog, but more about what I’ve learned and hoping to let people who have gone through similar things, know they are not alone.

You’ve all been so helpful with my book blog, and this is not going away, I promise. As I said last month, I will be cutting back on reading to work on my own book, but I will never stop being a book blogger completely. This new blog is a way to help me cope and share my story.

Please give it a follow if it is something that interests you. Any shares are always appreciated. Love you all. Thank you ❤❤❤


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