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From performing in the alleys of LA, Keith Antar Mason recounts his experience of getting on stage at the ICA in London with The Hittite Empire Performance Art Collective, an all-Black Intergenerational Men’s Cultural Elite.  

The narrative of the London trip and snippets of the author’s experiences back in LA is effortlessly interwoven with visceral and evocative images from Black History, as memorised in his genes: 

We are the nightsticked 





Every summer is a Red Summer 

Medusa’s Children is a one voice rant, a prose memoir, a wish poem. 

This is a memory written in 

Ashes and Fog 

Our Life on Mars 

Stone cold word killers 

Spitting Knowledge and Truth 

Mother Medusa 

Make us 

Subliminal Seducers 

MEDUSA’S CHILDREN will be published in October 2020






Keith Antar Mason is Artistic Director of The Hittite Empire Performance Art Collective, an all Black Intergenerational Men’s Cultural Elite. He is the author of For Black Boys Who Have Considered Homicide When The Streets Were Too Much (Plume, 1986) and New Wine & Black Men’s Feet (Red Hen Press, 2009)

He has performed with The Hittite Empire all over the United States and has taught and performed at Harvard University, Stanford University, UCLA and USC. 

His work has been performed at The Black Theatre Festivals at Winston, Salem. Atlanta, LIFT, ICA London and on Broadway at Alice Tully Hall, The Lincoln Centre.

Keith Antar Mason conducts writing workshops in State Penitentiaries in California, Washington DC and Nevada

His New choreopoem, In The House of a Young Pharaoh, is being developed for Medium Production in LA in 2021.

And I know 

I can see in your eyes

How you form words in your mouth

The rainy days

The hot humid summer nights

Something Black





(Author image is Keith Antar Mason as KAKRO From Prometheus On A Black Landscape: The Core. Photo credit: Jose Ivey)

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