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Welcome to the tour for exciting medical thriller, Emergence by Shira Shiloah MD! Read on for an exclusive excerpt and a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card!


Publication Date: September 15th, 2020

Genre: Medical Thriller




Trusted anesthesiologist, Dr. Roxanne Roth, is healing from the loss of her fiancé by consuming her time with work. It doesn’t hurt that her new love interest, Dr. Justin Kirkland, spends almost as much time at the hospital as she does.

Entranced in the throes and complications of new love, Roxanne looks forward to work every day. Her time at the hospital would almost be cathartic if not for Dr. D.K. Webb, a neurosurgeon, who is quickly amassing a pile of complaints – and bodies.

Despite trying to avoid Webb, Roxanne finds herself working alongside the doctor during a routine, low-risk surgery. Fueled by cocaine and ego, Webb intentionally sabotages the case, leading to the patient dying on the operating table.

Roxanne’s tenuous grip on recovery is shattered with her patient’s death, quickly replaced by anger and a drive for justice. Now Roxanne will do anything to protect her patients from the killer on the other side of the sterile surgical field—before he can silence her as well.

In this gripping, sinister medical thriller, Dr. Shira Shiloah will leave readers wondering about the potential evil lurking behind every surgical mask.

“Authentic characters and a vivid hospital setting enhance a tense medical tale.”
– Kirkus Review

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You know when you read a book that blows you away and then you realize it’s a debut novel? I am SO impressed with Emergence by Shira Shiloah MD. I cannot wait to read more by this author. She’s already proving herself as a force!

It is very clear the experience and knowledge of the author was used to write this novel. This makes it so much more realistic and fun to read.

The characters are so great. They are u interested, their friendships are so good to read. I am obsessed with how the characters were written.

Highly recommended!!!



*I received a free copy of this book from R&R Book Tours in exchange for an honest review on the blog tour. All opinions are my own and unbiased.*


As Anthony emerged without disturbance, Roxanne removed the breathing tube and gave oxygen through the face mask she held gently over his incisions. She’d chosen a high-risk art as her life’s work; induce a coma and then pull someone out of it, on time and without pain. It took training, vigilance, and a little bit of madness when she really thought about it. Her residency had replaced her fear of killing someone with confidence; now that she was trained, taking people to the brink of death then pulling them back had become her daily routine. She only wished she could’ve pulled Mark back out of his surgery. She hadn’t been given a chance to save her fiancé who died two doors down in nine. To her, that operating room was his coffin. Her partners understood she couldn’t do cases there, and without any explanation required, switched her out of it when necessary.

Dr. Shira Shiloah is an anesthesiologist and author of the debut thriller, Emergence, that details Dr. D.K. Webb, a neurosurgeon who intentionally maims and kills his patients in Memphis, Tennessee. Dr. Shiloah bring both a personal and professional perspective for what may happen when a sociopath holds a scalpel.

Shira Shiloah MD


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