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Congratulations to author P.J. Braley on the release of her dark fantasy novel, The Fire Slayers! Read on for an exclusive excerpt and a chance to win some AMAZING prizes!

The Fire Slayers
Publication Date: November 10th, 2020
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Liminal Press

“I understand, Venzel. I will be your servant forever. I will never leave your house. I will keep your secrets. Now, if it pleases you, tell me the words that are worth a man’s tongue.”
Ezri sat in stunned silence as Venzel told him about his life with a subterranean brotherhood bound together by a commitment to survive at any cost. Although resembling other ranches dotting the desert landscape, it is not long before Ezri realizes that Venzel’s home is not what it seems. The house is lavish, but empty, the horses in the immaculate stables are rarely ridden, and any woman who enters their gate never leaves.

Everything changes when Venzel brings home a bride. Passionately in love, the empty house is suddenly filled with life and laughter, but it does not last. A tragic mistake robs their son of his human identity and whisks her away too soon. Inheriting the most dangerous traits of both species, Timaeus’s struggle between the love for his human parents and the responsibilities to his alien brotherhood transforms the Fire Slayer he was created to be into an assassin dreaded and despised by the brotherhood who fears him almost as much as it needs him.


Copy editor turned fiction writer, PJ Braley divides her time between writing essays for her master’s degree and stories about a race of aliens willing to make any sacrifice to save the planet. When she isn’t researching or writing, you will find her sitting on the back deck sipping sangria with her husband, Jim, and their rescue corgi, Nymeria. Learn more about PJ or The Fire Slayers, at pjbraley.com or follow her at @pjbraley.

PJ Braley
The Fire Slayers

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One thought on “#BOOKBLITZ | The Fire Slayers – P.J. Braley @PJBraley @btwnthelinespub @RRBookTours #RRBookTours #amreading #bookblogger

  1. Jessica – I want to take a moment and thank you for kindly mentioning my book on your website. As a new writer, I am incredibly grateful for your generosity and your time.
    “The Fire Slayers” was interesting to write; it’s all science fiction-y with a love story (of course!), coming-of-age experiences, and then segues into a bit of horror. So, something for everyone.
    Thank you again, PJ Braley. More: http://pjbraley.com/TheFireSlayers

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