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Welcome to the blog tour for The Kompromat Kill by Michael Jenkins, another riveting spy thriller from The Failsafe Query series!

The Kompromat Kill (Standalone)

Genre: Thriller/ Espionage/ Action/ Spy Thriller

Publication Date: June 2019

‘They were preparing for decades – now it’s time to take them down……’

Hiding overseas with a price on his head, Sean Richardson is tasked to lead a deniable operation to hunt down and recruit an international model and spy. Moving across Asia Minor and Europe, Sean embarks on a dangerous journey tracking an Iranian spy ring who hold the keys to a set of consequences the British Intelligence Services would rather not entertain.

As Sean investigates deeper, he uncovers dark secrets from his past and a complex web of espionage spun from the hand of a global master spy. As he inches closer to the truth, the rules of the game change – and the nerve-wracking fate of many lives sits in his hands.

The second in a set of spy thrillers that have been expertly crafted with stunning plot lines, magnificent locations, and twists that leave you gasping for air. Perfect for fans of Frederick Forsyth, Robert Ludlum, Tom Clancy, and Scott Mariani.

*Each book is a stadanlone adventure

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This is an insightful and tense scene that involves Jack as the head of counter terrorist operations, meeting with Laura, the Head of London station of the CIA, in a well-known London restaurant. Jack has conjured up a plot to hand over some compromising material on a very high level American official to Laura – ‘Kompromat.’ Jack has a dossier that he will hand over to Laura that will set the wheels of motion to achieve two things: change the US approach to dealing with the increasing tensions with Iran, and set the conditions for a deeply thought out trap to tease out a traitor and murderer.

‘It will start with a letter to Fletcher Barrington, saying that the Russian GRU have kidnapped his best friend. Our FCO Diplomat, Edmund Duff.’

‘Who exactly has got him then?’

‘I have him Laura. Or at least, access to him. He’s nicely tucked up generating all the evidence I needed – which is now in the dossier. The Russians lifted him but I have access to the information he’s providing them.’

‘Unbelievable! You’re a real intrigant Jack. Your mind never stops plotting eh? What’s this all about though?’

Jack waved at the Greek waitress. ‘All rather simple really. And hopefully effective. Redman’s best friend is Fletcher Barrington and they have a nasty secret they’ve vowed to keep silent. Edmund Duff knows all about the circumstances of that incident in the Kompromat – you see, he was there too. As was your National Security Advisor on one or two occasions. All three of them were in it together. They now need to believe it’s the Russians who have compiled the Kompromat, and that Duff will be killed, their nasty secret revealed to the world and their lives in ruin if they don’t comply with the instructions we give them. Far easier for you and me to bribe these bastards by acting as Russians you know.’

‘Genius, Jack. So, we play this one out as Russians then.’


‘Nice basket Jack. Good job.’

Jack watched the Greek waitress place the bill on the table in front of Laura. The bill was purposefully placed in a novel entitled Playing with the Grown-ups by Sophie Dahl. The restaurant always presented bills to its customers in one of the hundreds of books on their shelves.

Laura looked across to Jack in amusement. ‘Very apt,’ she said, hardly hiding her admiration for him. ‘A coming of age.’

Jack nodded. ‘One chapter at a time, so to speak. We have a few to deal with now but have a look at the fifteenth chapter.’

Laura turned the pages to Chapter Fifteen. Then she read. It was a chapter with encrypted instructions from Jack on how to take the Kompromat operation forward in precise detail. He loved books and he knew Laura did too. A riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. A present.


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I started climbing at 13, survived being lost in Snowdonia at 14, nearly drowned at 15, and then joined the Army at 16. Risk and adventure was built into my DNA and I feel very fortunate to have served the majority of my working career as an intelligence officer within Defence Intelligence, and as an explosive ordnance disposal officer and military surveyor within the Corps of Royal Engineers.

I feel privileged to have served for twenty-eight years in the British Army as a soldier and officer, working in Defence Intelligence and Counter-Terrorist Bomb Disposal operations, rising through the ranks to complete my service as a major. I served across the globe on numerous military operations as well as extensive travel and adventure on many major mountaineering and exploration expeditions that I led or was involved in.

I was awarded the Geographic Medal by the Royal Geographical Society for mountain exploration and served on the screening committee of the Mount Everest Foundation charity for many years. It was humbling after so many years of service when I was awarded the MBE for services to counter-terrorism in 2007

Michael Jenkins

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