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Hi everyone!

I’m excited to spotlight this fantastic trilogy by Sean Robins. I loved the first two books and am looking forward to the third. Check it out!

When Earth gets embroiled in the middle of an intergalactic war, humanity’s only hope for survival rests with a rag-tag team of unlikely heroes which includes an ace fighter pilot, a stuntwoman, a super-assassin, and an alien prankster.

Jim, a wise-cracking, OCD-suffering fighter pilot, is about to propose to his girlfriend when his friend Kurt surprises them by showing up at his house, wounded and covered in blood. This is just the beginning of Jim’s woes because soon after his life is thrown into a galactic conflict that threatens the very existence of the human race.

Can our heroes save humanity from the wrath of a galaxy-conquering alien fleet?

The Crimson Deathbringer seamlessly blends breathtaking action sequences with mischievous humor. If you enjoy reading a well-written space opera saga, or if you are a Star Wars, Star Trek, or Stargate fan, this book, with its nerve-wracking space battles, memorable characters, formidable antagonist, and Game of Thrones style shocking twists, is written especially for you. Pick it up and see for yourself!

Praise for The Crimson Deathbringer:

The Crimson Deathbringer is a mix of funny and clever dialogues, action and adventure, with scenes that made me chuckle, bite my nails, and shed a tear or two. All while it kept me at the edge of my seat, trying to guess what would happen next. And no, most times I guessed wrong. – Jina Bazzar, the author of Heir of Ashes

The Crimson Deathbringer is the first novel from Sean Robins–and a great debut it is. It’s chockablock full of action. You have dramatic alien-versus-human-versus alien encounters, exciting space battles, an insane race to save the world, some warm-hearted romance, and a lot of waggish humor (reminiscent of Douglas Adams.) If you can get this granite face to break a smile, you’ve accomplished something major and Sean has done just that–by infusing campy fun at the right times, in the right places. – Tyler Colins, the author of The Connecticut Corpse Caper


Will the galaxy survive?

Kanoor has fallen.

The Xortaags are back with a vengeance. Not being the forgive-and-forget types, they’ve conquered the Akakie homeworld, and now they set their sight upon Earth. Having reverse-engineered the advanced technology they scavenged on Kanoor, they now hold the key to rule the universe forever. It now befalls to Jim and his friends to save not only humanity, but every sentient species in the galaxy.

To make matters worse, an even more sinister threat is looming in the darkness. Unknown to our heroes, a time-travelling alien fleet is on its way to our neck of the galactic woods.

You thought the stakes were high during the first human-Akakie-Xortaag intergalactic war? You ain’t seen nothing yet!

The Golden Viper, the second book in The Crimson Deathbringer trilogy, boasts the same high-octane, non-stop action sequences as the first, and combined with its laugh-out-loud moments, shocking twists, and new, unforgettable characters, it’s a must-read for all space opera/military sci-fi fans. Sink your teeth into Jim’s next set of adventures today!

Praise for The Golden Viper:

The Golden Viper builds on already strong, deep characters, and adds further depth to them while remaining true to the vivid personalities. Suspenseful, gripping, and packed with action this will appeal to anyone who loves a character-driven, activation-packed read where protagonists are forced to face impossible odds. – K.J. Simmill, the author of Darrienia

If you loved The Crimson Deathbringer, you can expect more of the same, except this time the stakes are seven-hundred-million times higher. Humorous and harrowing, The Golden Viper is riddled with sharp surprises and bitter betrayals. No muddle in the middle here; this action-packed sequel is as good as the first, and sets up nicely for the final conflict in The Black Fleet. – Timothy Rains, the author of Saltwater Magic

The Golden Viper has all the high-flying action and great character chemistry that makes Robins’ series so much fun to read! If you like space battles and galactic plots, this one’s for you! – Joshua Grant, the author of Pandora


Just when you thought things couldn’t get any deadlier, a massive fleet arrives from the future!

Thanks to Jim and his allies’ efforts, there’s finally peace in the galaxy … but all good things must come to an end.

The Black Fleet, hellbent on revenge, will indiscriminately ravage every planet on its way to Earth. This is the very definition of an extinction-level event, and nobody seems to able to stop the enemy ships in their tracks. To make matters worse, the Akakies are willing to sacrifice Earth to save their own species.

Having defied the odds a few times already, it again falls onto Jim and his friends to save the day, but can he counter such a universe-ending threat? And if he does, at what cost?

Don’t miss The Black Fleet, the third book in The Crimson Deathbringer trilogy. If you like Star Wars/Star Trek style epic space battles, time-travel, and larger-than-life characters, then you’ll love this third installment. Pick it up today and find out for yourself!

Praise for The Black Fleet:

Space opera at its best! If you enjoy Star Wars and Game of Thrones with some great humor baked in, I think you’ll love The Black Fleet. – Christian Kallias, the author of Universe in Flames Series

Just like the first two books in the series, The Black Fleet is full of great characters, space battles, action sequences, and mischievous humor. Only this time the stakes are higher, the battles more epic, and impossible as it might sound, the pace faster! – Tyler Colins, the author of The Connecticut Corpse Caper


Let me know what you think in the comments. I’d love to interact with you. If this sounds like something you would read, let me know!

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