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A substance that gives users almost god-like powers of charisma supercharges an espionage roller coaster ride and thrilling romance in
Janet Stilson’s new sci-fi cyberpunk novel.

As a veteran journalist, author Janet Stilson has walked the corridors of the most powerful media companies on the planet and interviewed the executives who control
them. Her deep knowledge of this world is at the heart of her debut novel, THE JUICE (Dragon Moon Press; February 9, 2021), which imagines what these corporations might be like a few decades into the future – and how the government and advertising clients could use them to influence public behavior and beliefs.

In THE JUICE, Jarat Ellington is just an exile from Elite society, trying to lead a simple life, when a genius friend drops an explosive mystery in his lap. The old pal, Thom Tseng, created a priceless chemical substance called the Juice that turns mildly charming people into
extraordinarily charismatic beings, known as Charismites. But the Juice is stolen, and Thom

With the help of a secret organization, Jarat goes on an obsessive quest to uncover the deadly adversary who now controls the Juice. He must fight his intense attraction to a Charismite named Luscious Melada—once a dirt-poor, homely teen who, with the help of the Juice, transforms into an extremely magnetic starlet. And he goes up against Petra Cardinale, a powerful, ambitious media executive with a secret agenda

If you love the cyberpunk science fiction of William Gibson; the dystopian world of A Handmaid’s Tale; or sci-fi detective novels, add THE JUICE to your reading list!


The Juice by Janet Stilson is what scifi should be, in my opinion. This is easily five stars. I was absolutely addicted from page one and didn’t get a wink of sleep until I finished.

Janet Stilson‘s writing is so awesome. The world building here is incredible and it would be difficult to not get sucked in. We have themes of media, ccorruption, government control…all sorts of things are happening to create a magnificent novel! The events of the novel sometimes parallel our current day, which makes it even more intriguing.

I am in love with the characters that have been created. As with the world building, Janet Stilson captivates what it means to be human in her characters. No one felt one dimensional.

I loved The Juice and highly recommend checking it out!



*I received a free copy of this book from OTRPR in exchange for an honest review on the blog tour. All opinions are my own and unbiased.*

Janet Stilson lives in two worlds. On the one hand, she is a journalist. On the other, she writes scripts, novels and short stories that largely fall in the grounded sci-fi and fantasy genres and illuminate the human condition in provocative ways.

Her work has been selected to be part of the Writers’ Lab for Women, which is funded by Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman. And it’s also been published by the esteemed sci-fi literary magazine Asimov’s.

As a journalist, Janet got her “chops” at the storied showbiz bible Variety. She has traveled the world, chronicling the business of media
and entertainment.

Janet lives in New York City with her husband and two mischievous cats. To learn more about
her, visit janetstilson.com, or connect with her on Twitter @janetstilson.

Dragon Moon Press specializes in all kinds of fantasy, soft science fiction and a line of how to￾write guides. It’s located in Red Deer, Canada. Find out more at dragonmoonpress.com.

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