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In 2021, I vowed to read more books on my TBR that weren’t blog tour related. I love tours, but I have a shelf and kindle full of books I haven’t been able to get to. So, I’m starting a new segment called Jessica’s TBR. This will be non-tour book reviews! I’m super excited to be reviewing Flirting with Forever by Lasairiona E. McMaster as my first review in this segment. 😁

He’s got the girl of his dreams; he’s playing the game as captain of the team, and he’s working on getting the graduation gown. The finish line is in sight. All Jeremy has to do is stay focused, work hard, and keep pushing. He has finally gotten his life together, and he’s ready to rock this adulting thing.

Or at least he was.

Things unravel quicker than you can say ‘pass the puck’ when Chelsea’s ex, Johnny, moves to Alabama to play for the Chargers. Jeremy’s Chargers.

On thin ice with his girl, his team and his degree. Jeremy wonders… What if love really isn’t enough?

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Lasairiona E. McMaster single-handedly caused me to read in a genre that I rarely read and absolutely obsess over it. It’s been a while since I really felt that excitement for the next book to release. When she reached out to let me know Flirting With Forever ARCs were available, I didn’t even hesitate. I’ve been waiting for this and was definitely not waiting any longer!

We might as well change the rating system to fire instead of stars, because this book is AMAZING. Which, I’m not surprised, because at this point, I sound like a broken record, but Lasairiona E. McMaster manages to take me on an emotional rollercoaster every single time. Thjs book has sexy scenes and sexual tension, but it always has humorous situations and banter, secrets, ups and downs. It has all the ingredients for a book you just can’t put down.

I’m not sure if I’ve sold you at thjs point, but another stand out of this author is her characters. When I’m telling these characters are so believable, I hope you’re listening, because what this author has done, is create absolutely compelling characters that feel like people I’ve known forever. Jeremy might be my favorite so far, which is why I was so excited for this book and it didn’t disappoint.

Highly, highly recommended. Give this series a shot. Read all of Lasairiona E. McMaster books. I promise you won’t regret it!



*I recieved a free ARC from the author to review honestly. All opinions are my own and unbiased. *

Lasairiona McMaster writes sassy, classy and badassy women and strong, yet vulnerable men. She challenges reader’s expectations by openly dealing with mental health issues, often exploring tough-to-handle topics and ‘taboos’ and books with a whole lotta heart.

She can either be found enjoying a gin and lemonade by the Irish sea, or baking sweet treats in her kitchen while singing at the top of her lungs. When she’s ‘home’ in Texas, and isn’t eating fresh-popped popcorn while buying things she has absolutely no need for in Target, she can be found at Chuys eating her body weight in chips and queso and washing it down with a margarita swirl.

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