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The days may be getting warmer, but this anthology is sure to chill you to the bone.
Welcome to the tour for It Calls from the Sea, a collection of tales from the high seas by a fantastic group of authors! Read on for details, an exclusive excerpt!

It Calls From the Sea: An Anthology of Terror On the Deep Blue Sea
Publication Date: May 21st. 2021
Genre: Anthology/ Short Stories/ Horror/ Paranormal

Prepare to die. The sea awakens.

Within the Mariana Trench, a research vessel’s crew is threatened by a mysterious force. A father and daughter’s holiday by the ocean turns deadly as a sinister creature stalks them. A group of friends learn that some things should remain in the ocean. Filled with a sense of wonder, a young biologist discovers a new species of kelp, but with disastrous consequences.

It Calls From the Sea is an all-original anthology of twenty brutal tales of horror from the deep blue sea.

Eerie River brings you another round of insatiable horror. There is no end to the terrors we have in store and there is nowhere left to hide. Get comfy, this is going to be a wild ride.

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Dead Ships by Georgia Cook

It washed up at dawn, drawn in on the morning tide from around the curve of the bay; a fishing boat, small enough for a cabin and a crew of three, but of no make or name we recognized. It curved gently towards the beach, its path haphazard and aimless, engines silent and windows dark. By the time it hit the shingle and plowed to a juddering halt a small crowd of us had gathered on the dockside to watch.

There’s something about an empty boat–something dragged in off the tide like that, all slow and sedate–you get to feeling it after a certain time at sea, like a second sense. That’s why none of the old fishermen made a move when it finally came to rest; they already knew what we’d find.

Perhaps it started with the snow.

Great, driving fistfuls were we got that month; merciless, relentless, day after day. A frigid wind howled it down off the clifftops, swamping the roads and transforming the surrounding hills into impenetrable, white monoliths. Nobody arrived in town, nobody left; that’s how things go around here come winter.

There’s a saying in these parts that it takes a special kind of madness to move here from out of town, and another kind to stay. The seas and the cold breed a particular type of person–it settles in the bones, then squeezes the lungs; sharp and cloying in every breath. This far north the cold is bitter. Or perhaps it started before that, and none of us noticed.

Some of us tried to sail that week, but only made it as far as the curve of the bay before we were forced to turn back. Battered by the gale and the driving snow, there was no thought of casting our nets. Cutting through the snow was like cutting through ice; nothing in either direction but tumbling flakes and shifting, black sea.

We watched the snow fall, watched it settle on the water and sink, and out of it all we watched the boat arrive.

Philip Abernathy was the first to climb abroad, shimmying up the side like a boy climbing a drainpipe. Twenty-three that May–newly promoted, the youngest Constable in a town of sturdy fishermen and grey-faced old men–possibly he felt it his duty to take charge, or at very least be the first to check. He was, after all, vastly on his own up here until the snows cleared and the mountain roads became accessible again.

He’d been our Constable for all of two months, and up until then had contended with nothing worse than the odd Drunk and Disorderly on a Saturday night. It was too cold, too dark, to expect any trouble worth hurrying for.

He disappeared inside the captain’s cabin, calling nervously, then stumbled out a moment later and was violently sick over the side.

The old fishermen knew, and now we knew too: no ship so silent has ever been manned by the living.

Once he’d been helped down, pale and trembling, Abernathy directed a few of us up to find the body. It was slumped across the wheel, he said, tilting back and forth with the rock of the ship, its boots dragging in a slow, steady rut across the floorboards. It might have been a man once, but that was an estimated guess. It no longer had a face, just a slumped, desiccated skeleton.

Its hands, Philip whispered, its hands were clasped so tightly to the wheel. So tightly he couldn’t pry them open.

We found the rest of the crew below deck.
There’s a reason so many fishing communities boast smokeries and salt houses; salted things keep. Salted things keep for a long time, and add to that the conditions of an arctic winter…

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If you’re a fan of horror, you’re not going to want to miss It Calls From The Sea!!! I can’t pick a favorite story from this anthology. Each was unique and packed a real punch.

We are given twenty amazing short stories from twenty incredibly talented authors. Each story touches on themes surrounding water and myths of monsters. I absolutely loved the variety.

I was up late, reading through as many stories as I could before I fell asleep. This is not an anthology you’ll want to put down. Highly recommended!!

Thank you to R&R Book Tours for the review copy and the opportunity to honestly review on the blog tour. All opinions are my own and unbiased.



Featuring Stories By

Chris Bannor “Euphoria”, Chris Hewitt “Reef Encounter” Christopher Bond “The Ocean Sings Softly”, Dan Le Fever “Xook” David Green “Into The Depths”, Georgia Cook “Dead Ships”, Holley Cornetto “Heaven’s Lake”, Julie Sevens “Shoney’s Revenge”, Lin Darrow “Cry of the Hunger Fish”, M.B.Vujacic “Jelly”, Mason Gallaway, “The Sea Reaches Up”
McKenzie Richardson “The Hunter and the Prey”, R. L. Meza “Long Pork”, S.O. Green “The Shadow Over Innsmouth High”, Steve Neal “Hostile Territory”, T. M. Brown “Buoy 21415”, Tim Mendees “Fronds”, Trey Dowell “Abyssal Horror”, Watt Morgan “Please Leave”


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Let me know what you think in the comments. I’d love to interact with you. If this sounds like something you would read, let me know!

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15 thoughts on “#BLOGTOUR | It Calls from the Sea @EerieRiver @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours #ItCallsFromtheSea #Horror #amreading #bookblogger #bookreview

  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful review! Glad you enjoyed the book!

    Hello everyone! My name is McKenzie Richardson, and I’m the author of “The Hunter and the Prey”, featured in It Calls from the Sea. I’ve loved working with Eerie River in previous dark fantasy calls as well as their It Calls horror series, but as someone who’s scared of water and all the things lurking within, this collection was especially fun (and terrifying!) to partake in.

    I’ll be checking in all day so please feel free to say hi, ask questions, or whatever else you’ve got. Looking forward to connecting with you all and hope you enjoy this spine-tingling collection!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the story. It was fun tapping into my own fear of what could be beneath the surface of the water when writing it.

        So excited to be here!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi McKenzie.and hello readers. I’m Holley Cornetto, and like MacKenzie, I have a story in this collection called “Heaven’s Lake,” which is a coming-of-age Southern Gothic story. I will also be here in the comments checking in throughout the day (Monday, 6/7/21). Feel free to drop in with comments, questions, or just to say hello!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Thank you! I’m glad you liked it. It’s always nerve wracking to put a new story out into the world and see how readers react to it.

        Liked by 2 people

  3. Hello everyone! I’m David Green, and I wrote “Into The Depths”.

    It Calls From The Sea is another brilliant anthology from Eerie River and I hope anyone who picks it up enjoys it. Be sure to say hi, and enjoy the book!

    Liked by 2 people

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