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Welcome to my spot on the tour for Hidden Realm by T.R. Slauf. Thank you to Love Books Group for the review copy and the spot on the tour. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

“The next Realm Walker will bring with them a storm. Lightning must fight the Crimson Shadow, or the lands will be cast into eternal darkness.”

When she was a child, Esther was plagued with vivid nightmares. Now they have returned to haunt her. Bloodthirsty monsters chase her through a forest of dead trees while a mysterious hooded figure stalks her. After waking with fresh wounds from her dreams, Esther searches for the truth about who she is and the Hidden Realm she is destined to save.

Join Esther on her journey of self-discovery as she travels into a world long forgotten. Unsure if she can trust her hooded guide, she is hunted by unknown enemies and smothered by expectations of grandeur. Deciphering friend from foe she travels the lands, trying to unite kingdoms torn by pride.


Hidden Realm by T.R. Slauf is a dark (emphasis on ‘dark’) fantasy novel. It is quite ambituous and very intriguing. The plot line is engaging and unique, which made this a good read for me.

The world building is the best part. The other Realm where main character, Esther, must is really well written. It was easy to visualize where we were.

This novel I’d dark and gritty, with some themes that may be difficult for some to read. It is a quick paced read with interesting characters.

There were some things left unresolved, but I’d imagine that was done purposefully since this is only book one.

Overall, if dark fantasy is your jam, I think Hidden Realm is a solid read.

Thank you to Love Books Tours for the free review copy and opportunity to honestly review this book on the tour. All opinions are my own and unbiased.



Author Bio

I have always been torn between two halves of myself; one half revels in all things scientific and longs to explore the secrets of the universe, while the other half finds solace and excitement within the arts. After much debate, I started my career path in STEM; after I graduated college and started working full-time, I soon discovered this was not a good fit for me. I began interviewing for other jobs and exploring my creative hobbies again when my congenital heart condition required me to have another open-heart surgery. In the months before my operation, I became determined to finish my first novel (I had started and abandoned several over the years) and eventually I was able to begin a new path as a novelist. 

Now I am happily living in the city of Cincinnati with my spouse and am proud to share my novels with you! I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I enjoyed bringing it to life. I am eager to hear your thoughts, please leave reviews, follow me on Instagram, or contact me directly. I look forward to sharing many more stories with you in the future.  


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