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Today I’m sharing my reviews for books 4 and 5 in Wendy L. Anderson’s Kingdom of Jior Series. You can read my reviews for the first three books, here. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Iron and the Arrow: Book Four in the Kingdom of Jior Series (Kingdom of Jior Fantasy Series)

Iron and the Arrow rule the lives of the Ny-Failen of Jior in dangerous and life-threatening ways. Come experience three tales of unbelievable power and magic continuing the legends of the Ny-Failen of Jior, in book four of the Kingdom of Jior fantasy series.

The Kingdom of Jior is a wild and tumultuous place carved from hard granite and black crystal found deep in the heart of the Violent Mountains. Storm Rider, the untamed grandson of the King of Jior, can call the winds, command the lightning, and soar with the thunder. Meurie, a half-human, half-Ny-Failen, has traveled from her home in the Violent Mountains to the streets of Jior to witness for herself the mythical Ny-Failen. When her path intersects with Storm Rider, he goes after her with a single-minded purpose, to stop at nothing to make her his, and take this wingless girl with him to ride the storms.

A mysterious man barges his way into the nineteenth-birthday celebration for Mercy Rose, daughter of Jagged Edge and Princess Lyra Song. He is on a desperate mission and asks Queen Lililaira to travel through the most dangerous passes of the Violent Mountains to far away Hoarfrost Range. The Ny-Failen of Jior must set aside their fears and prejudices against him as he begs for the healing of a young innocent who lays dying. The truth has yet to be revealed if this man is Ny-Failen or one of demon-kind! Unexpectedly, Mercy Rose is asked to accompany the Queen on this mission fraught with danger. When secrets are exposed, lies uncovered and wonderful magic revealed Mercy Rose is faced with the biggest decision of herlife, to give her heart to this stranger or possibly lose her soul?

When the Gray King comes to the grand hall of Jior and asks for an arranged marriage between his son and one of King Lorn’s granddaughters, it is met with less than cheerful acceptance. Forced into taking a king’s blood oath to go through with the marriage contract, King Lorn has ten years in which to find a way to thwart the Gray King. After the ten years pass, the Gray King’s son appears at the gates of Jior and King Lorn must face unexpected consequences. Rain Song is the only granddaughter of King Lorn who can marry the Gray King’s son and while the Ny-Failen of Jior fight the curse of the marriage contract, she decides to take her own path. Defying her father Jagged Edge, and her grandfather King Lorn, she faces black sorcery and risks everything to follow her heart.

Secrets are exposed, lies uncovered and wonderful magic revealed in the fourth book of the Kingdom of Jior epic fantasy series.



Wendy L. Anderson is an auto-buy author for me. I haven’t read one book by her that I didn’t absolutely love, so continuing in the Kingdom of Jior series was a must for me. This is easily a 5 star read for me. I don’t know how each book keeps getting better, but they do, and the review sites cap me at 5 stars.

The base of this series is a family saga, weaving in romance and fantasy. The combination of themes makes for such a compelling read. I love the characters that we follow in this. Wendy L. Anderson crafts believable characters. They basically leap from the page, and the reader feels part of the story.

Beautiful writing, amazing characters, and a series that just keeps getting better…I’m obviously obsessed with this and highly recommend it. I do recommend reading the entire series to get the full story. Don’t miss it!

Thank you to the author for the free review copy. All opinions are my own and unbiased.



The Last Ny-Failen: Book Five in the Kingdom of Jior Series

The Last Ny-Failen

The Fifth and final novel of the Kingdom of Jior.

“King Lorn,” Jagged Edge began, “some men have come.”

“What do they want?” King Lorn was slightly annoyed at being interrupted.

“Everything!” Jagged Edge’s voice was ominous as it rang out and that one word seemed to echo, a telling toll, a harbinger’s call of danger.Is the future of Jior in the hands of humankind?

For 100 years King Lorn has ruled the Kingdom of Jior and the Ny-Failen have lived peacefully beside humankind. Now that peace is threatened by a looming civil war as some citizens of Jior try to take the throne for themselves. In the midst of these troubling times, a mysterious Ny-Failen woman has come to Jior bringing magical animals and strange powers, but will she be an ally or a deadly distraction? After a final bloody battle between the Ny-Failen and humankind, who will prevail in the fight to rule Jior?



The Last Ny-Failen is the final installment in The Kingdom of Jior Series. When you’ve committed to an entire series, and it comes to an end, it’s bittersweet. I am so glad I was able to read this wonderful series but letting this overall story go, IA difficult. But series do end, and I’d they have to, The Last Ny-Failen is how they should end.

If you haven’t read this series, you’re missing out. From the first book to the last, the story has continued to get better, and I couldn’t be more obsessed. This is a perfect example of why fantasy is one of my favorite genres.

The Last Ny-Failen gives me a sense of completion. That’s how you hope a final book in a series will leave you feeling. I’m so happy I was able to read this series and I highly recommend giving the entire thing a read. You won’t regret it. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would.

Thank you to the author for the free review copy. All opinions are my own and unbiased.



Wendy L. Anderson is a Colorado native and mother of two boys. She has an English Degree from Regis University and writes books, short stories and poetry. Wendy is a devout reader of the classics, fantasy, sci-fi and historical fiction. She has decided it is time to write down the fantasies from her own mind. Writing about everything from fantastical worlds to the stuff of her dreams she takes her stories along interesting paths while portraying characters and worlds she sees in her mind’s eye. Her goal is to deviate from common themes, write in original directions and transport her reader to the worlds of her creation.

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