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Welcome to my spot on the blog tour for Merchants of Knowledge and Magic by Erika McCorkle! Thank you to The Write Reads for the tour invite. Read on for more info and my review!

Genre: Epic Fantasy
Length: 530 Pages
Publishing: 8th April 2022
Amazon | Goodreads


“My secret would plunge the world into chaos.” “How much is it worth?”

Calinthe is an asexual dragonfly-person who was sent on a mission to find two missing men. She learns one of the men is from a species thought to be extinct, who had the misfortune of being captured in a matriarchal society where all non-women are enslaved. Though she maintains a disguise with help from her companion’s illusions, Calinthe is actually intersex. If her secret were to be discovered by the matriarchy, she would be enslaved as well.

Merchants of Knowledge and Magic is a standalone epic rainbow fantasy novel featuring aroace friendships, a religion that forbids money, clever use of magic, and a fantastical world inhabited by nonhumans. It is the first book in the Merchants of the Pentagonal Dominion trilogy, three standalones which take place concurrently in the same world, but which can be read in any order.


Merchants of Knowledge and Magic by Erika McCorkle is the first book in the Merchants of the Pentagonal Dominion trilogy which is made up of three standalones that can be read in any order. I will absolutely be reading the other two because WHOA!!!!

The world building a phenomenal and what I’m mostly going to rave about in this review. This took me far away into another world and honestly, it was very difficult for me to come back to reality. I just wanted to live in this world!

The book follows Calinthe and Zakuro on their quest. Not only am I incredibly impressed with the world building, but the characters are just as fantastic. I’m a big fan of character driven stories that give us people to get to know and cheer on.

There is some dark turns in this plot and it is addicting to read. I barely could put it down. I can’t wait to read the next two books because I can’t wait to get back into this world. Incredible writing and an author to put on my auto-buy list. Highly recommended! Don’t miss out!

Thank you to The Write Reads for the free review copy and tour invite. All opinions are my own and unbiased.



About the Author

Erika McCorkle, she/her, lives in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. She is a creator of fantasy worlds and a voyager to the worlds created by others. She spends much of her free time writing, reading, watching anime, and playing video games, all usually of the fantasy genre. She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and currently works the night shift at a blood bank, meaning she is most definitely a vampire.

Website: https://www.authormccorkle.com/
Twitter: @Kiraofthewind1

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4 thoughts on “#BLOGTOUR | Merchants of Knowledge and Magic – Erika McCorkle @Kiraofthewind1 @The_WriteReads @WriteReadsTours #MerchantsOfKnowledgeAndMagic #TheWriteReads #bookreview

  1. So, Twitter led me here, just to find an interesting blog and, more specific, quite enchanting book review!
    At my age I may feel too old, whatever it means, to read fantasy as Erika writes. But, your attitude to Her book and the trilogy is so exciting so it invites and draws “innocent readers” into a “must read” adventure. So, I’ll obviously have to slow down writing my photography and chess books to read Erika’s artwork first.

    Liked by 1 person

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